Caleb Popper

Caleb Popper is the host of Written for the Screen, a show that hopes to shed new light on an often ignored form of literary text: screenwriting. He loves to talk about movies, writing, and the filmmaking process on his show. You will often hear him talk about Aaron Sorkin, one of his favorite screenwriters, as well as some of his favorite movies over the past century. His favorite authors include Dan Brown and Michael Crichton, who tend to write their novels more like movies. Other favorites include screenwriters Shane Black, Diablo Cody, Dan Gilroy, Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, etc.; the list goes on forever. Caleb comes from an art and music background, having studied piano for 18 years, and enduring years of fine art and music studies before ultimately deciding that filmmaking is his true passion.